Friday, February 10, 2012

All kind of shoes girls always need!

SHOES, SHOES, SHOES! I know we all love them! If I'm ever in a mall you can find me right next to the shoes. I'm in love with shoes no body go's for, there eye popping colors, make a boring outfit in to something interesting!
If I have to go to a thrift shop to find a one of a kind shoe, oh girl I'll be there in 1 . 2 mins!

Ok so shoes with flower print is one of my favorites, they really bring more glam to your legs and your outfit, now your all like flower print really? Wait till you see the photos below. They will never go out on style they will stay the same, so I think you'll be seeing me with flower print shoes till. Can't walk any more..

I really love when a shoe has a little more then one color. Now we all know about the Red Bottom shoes, but who has all that money to go out and buy them, now for a girl my age I know I don't. So I like to look for a eye popping color that will never get old. See that's the thing with me. I tend to go for what ever go's out of style. Ok so blue on dark blue peek tow shoes are one of my favorites as well, there really bright and fun.

Ok so your not going to want to get me started on vintage shoes, there to die for, there 40s n 20s n 70s shoes are better then today's shoes, I talking about high heels! There really cute and classy, there shoes has bows, and glitter, and really popping loving stuff.. Now I been looking for the right pair of vintage shoes from the 50s, if you ever seen there shows oh Man your miss out.

There many more kind of high heeling loving shoes I wanna talk about, but that's it for today! I hoped you all liked what got for you! So please Follow, Comment And Rate!

Photos for the following looks are below.


Monday, February 6, 2012

Being Happy!

Girls try to make there self Pretty, Skinny, and more, don't try to make yourself who your not, stay strong be happy and don't worry about tomorrow let tomorrow worry about it self.

Your beaut comes from what's in side, because what's outside is just look, being true mined and happy and wise brings you beauty.

NOT makeup NOT outfits NOT being thin. Because out there. There's someone who loves you for you, so don't worry and be HAPPY!

-Chanel Marks

Just like are good friend bob marley use to say!

Don't worry be happy!
-bob marley

That one singing use to make people feel happy and faithful. He was a true person, and a hack of a good one!

So Remember don't try to be some one your not.


Friday, February 3, 2012

Rock star eyes!

So if your in love with fashion week and there makeup like me! This is a grate look for you!
This look is the die for. It has glam and power it shows so much!
It's super cute!

If you can see the grey glitter brings more fame and power to the look. Well the black cut crees brings it that way of look and style glam! I'm so in love! Take a look at it!

How to get this look

NYX - Jumbo eye pen in Milk
(put milk all over your eye)

Black eyeshadow
(Put black Eyeshadow in your Crees)

FOREVER 21 - eye glitter in grey
(put the glitter on your eye lid)
(NOTE: put some lip gloss or water to make your glitter stay on your eye)

Black eyeliner
(put black eyeliner on your water line top and bottom)

Mascara in black
(put some mascara on your lashes)

And your done!

Hoped you liked

Love Chanel!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

NYX Lip Creams

I think this is the best thing that ever happened to NYX, there new lip creams are grate!
There's so many coolers to pick from they feel like a lip stick and a gloss in one, but way better, it kind feels like notting to me!

There super cute and I just love them! Tell me what you think! Love Chanel

Shopping and Saveing

Lately I been putting my self on a shopping limit, ok I know we all love shopping who don't, it's just that feeling of FASHION PINK AND CLOSE! Well I been going way over bored for the last time, when I got to the mall I walk in with $200 walk out with $0, so I'm trying to cut myself off, and save my money well!

So. Went to the mall I spened 1$00 bucks! I had $220! Well thing time I have some money when I walk out of the mall! I got lot of things I just STARTED LOOKING AT THE PRICE this time!

I feel good about saveing mt money of thing I don't really need! So why don't you do the same!


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My beauty tips!

Well hello girls! So today I wanted to bring you some tips from me! Let face it this is going to be a long post but that's why I'm here!

Tip number 1:
I always get asked about brushes and how to find right ones? Well here's my tip don't go out and buy brushes that's 20$ there's really no need when you can get a 10 brush roll set for 10 bucks at ELF dot come, I have many of there brushes and I love them! There brushes run from 1$ to 5$ for a one brush! Go get yours now!

To number 2:
If you don't have bad skin don't use powder. I make that mess up a long time ago. So take my works and stick to them!

Tip number 3:
EYESHADOW BASE I think that said it all.

That's pretty much it girls! Make sure you follow me for more! Thanks love Chanel