Friday, February 3, 2012

Rock star eyes!

So if your in love with fashion week and there makeup like me! This is a grate look for you!
This look is the die for. It has glam and power it shows so much!
It's super cute!

If you can see the grey glitter brings more fame and power to the look. Well the black cut crees brings it that way of look and style glam! I'm so in love! Take a look at it!

How to get this look

NYX - Jumbo eye pen in Milk
(put milk all over your eye)

Black eyeshadow
(Put black Eyeshadow in your Crees)

FOREVER 21 - eye glitter in grey
(put the glitter on your eye lid)
(NOTE: put some lip gloss or water to make your glitter stay on your eye)

Black eyeliner
(put black eyeliner on your water line top and bottom)

Mascara in black
(put some mascara on your lashes)

And your done!

Hoped you liked

Love Chanel!

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