Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My beauty tips!

Well hello girls! So today I wanted to bring you some tips from me! Let face it this is going to be a long post but that's why I'm here!

Tip number 1:
I always get asked about brushes and how to find right ones? Well here's my tip don't go out and buy brushes that's 20$ there's really no need when you can get a 10 brush roll set for 10 bucks at ELF dot come, I have many of there brushes and I love them! There brushes run from 1$ to 5$ for a one brush! Go get yours now!

To number 2:
If you don't have bad skin don't use powder. I make that mess up a long time ago. So take my works and stick to them!

Tip number 3:
EYESHADOW BASE I think that said it all.

That's pretty much it girls! Make sure you follow me for more! Thanks love Chanel